Night Stories – Vol. 1


7-inch record
Cut at 45 rpm

Night Stories is pleased to present their eerie, yet groovy, debut release. Featuring the ominous soundtracks to “Graverobbers from Outer Space II” and “Spelunking with Demons,” this electronic horror opus will leave you delightfully disturbed. Spooktacular cover art from acclaimed artist Rob Schamberger channels the terrifying ’80s horror VHS box art you ogled at the rental store as a kid.

Limited to 200 copies. Includes free digital download.


  • “Vol. 1” digital download
  • “Graverobbers from Outer Space V” and “Spelunking with Demons” Official Trailers Digital Copy


  • “Nosferatu” live performance digital download
  • “Splinter in the Eye” digital download

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