Night Stories – Sam’s Equinox VHS


RUN TIME: 21 Minutes

Experience horror the way it was meant to be — on VHS! Blood Gushing Records is pleased to present Sam’s Equinox, the first home video release from the Night Stories.

Sam’s Equinox is the thrilling amalgamation of the band’s previous creative endeavors, showcasing menacing musical artistry alongside a delightfully thrilling story that pays homage to classic ‘80s horror. In collaboration with video production company, Transpiritus, and several horror-loving friends, the Night Stories deliver an electrifying main feature, together with original trailers and commercials. Evocative artwork by Levi Biel and authentic design by Jeremy Burns complete the package — and make you feel like you pulled the tape straight off the shelf of your neighborhood video store!


It’s Halloween in the sleepy Midwestern town of Glendale, and everyone wants to party at Sam’s Equinox.

What was once an abandoned warehouse has undergone a major transformation into the newest bar in town, and it happens to be opening for the first time on the most unholy of holidays.

But Glendale isn’t an ordinary town; it’s a hotspot for the supernatural, a gateway to the netherworld and home to sociopaths, freaks, monsters and the ultimate Halloween party band, The Night Stories.

And if you think they’d miss the party… you’re dead wrong.

This release will ship mid-November.

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