New Night Stories VHS and Single, “Sam’s Equinox,” Available Now!

Blood Gushing Records is pleased to announce the first home video release from The Night Stories — Sam’s Equinox.

Tune in to HERE on Halloween Night at 10 p.m. CT for the premiere, your only chance to view it on streaming. Beyond that, the only way to experience Sam’s Equinox is by purchasing a copy for your video collection here!

Since the band’s inception, the Night Stories have set out to create an immersive multi-media experience, combining heart-thumping beats and synthesizers with chilling horror visuals. They debuted their theatrically creepy, fog-filled stage show with a live performance of their original score to the 1922 silent horror classic, “Nosferatu.” Their 2015 7-inch “soundtrack” and accompanying trailers to fictitious horror films took fans deeper into their imaginative world of conceptual terror-tinged media. And their otherworldly opus, the 2018 LP, “Spooky Party Sounds from the Crypt,” took audiences on an electrifying journey through monstrous sketches, spooky sound effects and the band’s ominous synthesizer instrumentals.

Sam’s Equinox is the thrilling amalgamation of the band’s previous creative endeavors, showcasing menacing musical artistry alongside a delightfully thrilling story that pays homage to classic ‘80s horror. In collaboration with video production company, Transpiritus, and several horror-loving friends, the Night Stories deliver an electrifying main feature, together with original trailers and commercials. Evocative artwork by Levi Biel and authentic design by Jeremy Burns complete the package — and make you feel like you pulled the tape straight off the shelf of your neighborhood video store!


Need something to tide you over while you wait for your copy of the VHS? Check out the titular song, “Sam’s Equinox” wherever you stream music and don’t forget to add it to your Halloween playlist!