Get Ready to Gush, Pre-Order Night Stories

Blood Gushing Records is thrilled to announce the label’s first release from the cryptic electronic duo, Night Stories: Night Stories — Vol. 1. Merging the menacing spirit of a John Carpenter score and the potent force of a Trent Reznor beat, Night Stories debut delivers an eerie, yet groovy, horror opus that will make you wish Halloween lasted all year long.

Immerse yourself in the ominous soundtracks to “Graverobbers from Outer Space II” and “Spelunking with Demons” by following along with their imaginative B movie synopses. Throw in the spooktacular ’80s horror-inspired VHS cover art from acclaimed artist Rob Schamberger, and get a complete hair-raising multimedia experience that will leave you delightfully disturbed.

Pre-order your limited edition 7-inch record of Night Stories — Vol. 1 before they run out! All 200 hand numbered copies come with a free digital download so you can experience the terror anytime, anywhere.

And make sure to catch Night Stories this October as they perform live, original scores to gruesome imagery of the Halloween season. Check out their exclusive dates below.